Innovation Vs Entrepreneurship

Innovation = doing something new James Wright reacted boric acid with silicone oil in 1943.  This resulted in a rubbery substance which bounced when dropped, but was also stretchy and gooey.  Unfortunately, the substance would not hold it's shape.  As hard as Mr Wright tried to stabilise the substance to replace traditional rubber he couldn't.… Continue reading Innovation Vs Entrepreneurship

NHS Health Startup – Part One

So have an off day today from work, so I packed it full of things to do to get my idea/first start up off of the ground.  I originally started this blog to keep people in the loop and let people see how I overcome each obstacle on my way to starting my first startup as… Continue reading NHS Health Startup – Part One

How To Make Money

I was very scared when I was 19 years old. I had just committed to paying several hundred thousand pounds, move to a different country where I didn't even speak the language and ended up working over 80 hours a week.  I literally had no time to eat a lot of the time and spent… Continue reading How To Make Money