Selling “Time”

I really think that this blog post is a must read for any business owner out there.  I was introduced to this concept a while back and it has been continually brewing in my mind.  It's totally changed my outlook on my own businesses and how other businesses operate. The big idea:  It seems that businesses nowadays… Continue reading Selling “Time”


Flattening The Bell Curve

The Bell Curve This is a bell curve and is what the world used to look like.  People used to watch the same movies and TV shows as one another, listen to the same songs on the radio as one another and even talk about the same topics as one another. Then the Internet happened.… Continue reading Flattening The Bell Curve

Two Key Things To Consider Before You Create An App

Having a software based start up is really popular.  Mainly because the costs of starting one are so miniscule.  You can literally have an idea and if you're a coder, get something up and running.  If you're not a coder then you can usually cajole someone you know into building something for you or spend… Continue reading Two Key Things To Consider Before You Create An App

How To Evaluate Business Ideas

First off, I'd just like to mention that ideas are worthless.  Anyone can have an idea - it doesn't mean a thing.  Execution of the idea is king. If I went to Elon Musk and gave him a rubbish idea, I can guarantee that he would make it into a million (if not a billion!) dollar business. If… Continue reading How To Evaluate Business Ideas

Innovation Is Dead

Just thinking about all those great scientists and doctors from the past is so inspiring!  Just in the last 100 years we've created the vaccine for polio, sent humans to the moon, the range of medications we have has vastly increased and then there's IT - the Internet is, in my opinion the next industrial… Continue reading Innovation Is Dead

NHS Hacks

What happens when clinicians working in the NHS collide with coders and software developers?  Awesome stuff is what! That's the whole point of NHS Hacks - different fields working together in a "hackathon" to create a working prototype of an idea which could really improve patient care. The hackathon starts off with clinicians pitching an… Continue reading NHS Hacks