NHS Startup Part X – Vanity Metrics

We have a 100% growth rate per day at the moment. What does this mean?  Nothing. Vanity metrics or getting "high on your own supply" is so easy to do.  But what matters is the mission and accomplishing what you set out to do.  The whole point of a startup is to test a hypothesis… Continue reading NHS Startup Part X – Vanity Metrics

Two Key Things To Consider Before You Create An App

Having a software based start up is really popular.  Mainly because the costs of starting one are so miniscule.  You can literally have an idea and if you're a coder, get something up and running.  If you're not a coder then you can usually cajole someone you know into building something for you or spend… Continue reading Two Key Things To Consider Before You Create An App

The Indifferent, The Early Adopters, The Haters

Being a founder is like being a school child again.  You have to put your hand up a lot, ask a load of questions, then do the work to get to the next chapter.  It can be scary putting yourself in this position, but it's a must.  If you're a know it all then you'll be reluctant to learn and keep… Continue reading The Indifferent, The Early Adopters, The Haters

Multitasking Is Not A Myth…(Kind Of)

People say that multitasking is impossible to do.  The human mind simply cannot process more than one thing at a time.  As soon as you change gears from reading, to checking e-mail, to answering a phone call etc. you are wasting valuable time switching from one gear to another. Interestingly enough good organisations and highly productive… Continue reading Multitasking Is Not A Myth…(Kind Of)

Consultation Skills – Three Golden Rules

My consultation skills are gradually improving.  I'm currently seeing a patient every 10-12.5 minutes.  By the time I finish my training next August I need to be consistently at 10 minutes per consultation. A couple of years ago when I started my GP training I really had no clue how GPs could see patients so quickly.  In the hospital… Continue reading Consultation Skills – Three Golden Rules

Holding Up The Mirror

Every time you make a positive change in your life you will face a lot of resistance. Sometimes it's the people who are closest to you that will try to dissuade you.  You might have started that work out programme, changed your diet to get into shape, or started to pursue something that is deeply… Continue reading Holding Up The Mirror