Holding Up The Mirror

Every time you make a positive change in your life you will face a lot of resistance.

Sometimes it’s the people who are closest to you that will try to dissuade you.  You might have started that work out programme, changed your diet to get into shape, or started to pursue something that is deeply important to you.

Realise it is not you who they are fighting against.  They are fighting for their own belief system, their world view and their way of life.

As soon as you make that positive change, you are holding up a mirror to those that surround you.  You’re saying to them: “Look at what is possible.  Look what happens when you take responsibility for your health, wealth and happiness and take action.”

This makes people uncomfortable.  They’ll naturally have that knee jerk reaction and tell you what you can’t do, because the realisation that they were wrong, that their believe system and world view was wrong is too much to bear.

If you love these people then speak to these people.  Just say: “Look, I know you think this is crazy, but I need to do this because it’s important to me.  I need your support.  I don’t need you to tell me I’m right or wrong.  Just be there for me when I need you.”

If you don’t love these people then just move on.  If they’re not in the arena getting their ass kicked like you then cut the ties and let them be.  Remember, it’s not the critic who counts.  It’s the man in the arena who is daring greatly that counts.


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