NHS Startup Part IX – Bigger Than Me

Putting something out into the world is a very strange experience.

My startup is now live in a GP Surgery.

What I’m loving about this whole process is how what you create belongs to the world.  It no longer feels like I own anything and that I’ve created something bigger than just myself.  At this point I am just acting as a conduit through which patients and staff can communicate to help improve our service.

NHS staff are truly remarkable.  I’m so grateful that I have the privilege of listening to their expertise and wisdom.  I feel that so many people in the NHS have such great insights and are just waiting to be heard and listened to.  I am literally just listening to these great ideas and concepts, then continually iterating my service.

I’ve been very fortunate to have been introduced to the medical director at NHS Innovation.  He is also a GP and can really see the benefits of what we are trying to do.  It is very likely that we will be up and running in several different GP practices in the near future (however, I really want to get the service just right before we expand).  If we don’t mess up then in the next 6-8 months we will be charging for the service and making a turnover.  The practice we are in already wants to pay us, but I’ve refused while we make the service really exceptional.

Some people say that it is wrong to not charge at the earliest opportunity.  But, like a lot of founders, I really care about what I’m doing and I won’t charge until I think it’s at the standard I want it to be.  The main focus right now is to make something that the market loves.


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