Innovation With NHS Software

There are two ways in which Enterprises assess how valuable a piece of software could be to their organisation. The first is whether it can save money.  Save on staff costs, inefficiencies, wastage etc. The second is whether the software can make the organisation more money.  This is an order of magnitude better than saving… Continue reading Innovation With NHS Software

If Marcus Aurelius Were A Doctor

When a man kisses his child, said Epictetus, he should whisper to himself, "To-morrow perchance thou wilt die."- But those are words of bad omen.- "No word is a word of bad omen," said Epictetus, "which expresses any work of nature; or if it is so, it is also a word of bad omen to… Continue reading If Marcus Aurelius Were A Doctor

NHS Startup Part XIII – First Sale, Partnerships, Company Formation, Speaking Gig

As you may be able to tell from the title, a lot has happened.  One thing about having a startup is that things just move at a thousand miles per hour.  It's easy to see why you should "never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world" as Margaret Mead… Continue reading NHS Startup Part XIII – First Sale, Partnerships, Company Formation, Speaking Gig

Being Young, Poor And Unkown

In large organisations and large businesses the state of technology is generally far behind the consumer world.  I think that in the next decade the enterprise world is going to be revolutionised with software in the same way that the consumer world has been.  Enterprise software is also a lot more lucrative than consumer software… Continue reading Being Young, Poor And Unkown

Hating Groups of People

Because of the state of the NHS, doctors are often written about in the news.  It's no secret that working conditions for doctors in the NHS (whether junior or senior) are really bad and seem to be deteriorating rapidly with time. Shifts where you have to cover hundreds of sick patients by yourself is not… Continue reading Hating Groups of People

Memory Box

What are memories?  They seem fuzzy and subjective.  Sometimes they're vivid, but rarely are they true. A year or so ago a patient came to see me in my clinic.  He was a middle-aged, white, working class man.  He looked so normal in his jeans and t-shirt.  I thought it was going to be just like any other… Continue reading Memory Box

Healthcare Models

I. Healthcare Models If you go to the USA a lot of the people there are unhappy with the state of their healthcare system.  They feel that it's too expensive, that they pay way more than any other country in terms of percentage of GDP compared to the rest of the world and yet there… Continue reading Healthcare Models

Being A Doctor, What It Means, What It Doesn’t Mean, What It Will Mean

I. I'd say that one of the main things that made me choose to become a doctor was that I felt like I had a kind of natural ability and affinity for the subject.  It's likely that this was a completely false assumption however.  It stemmed from growing up in a highly medical background, where… Continue reading Being A Doctor, What It Means, What It Doesn’t Mean, What It Will Mean

NHS Startup Part XI – Cultivating Criticism

I am receiving more and more feedback about my service.  Both from patients and the NHS staff using my service. Today was the first time that I had the full backing of the NHS employees using my service.  Before today, I have just felt like a crazy outsider trying to do something ridiculous.  Now that there is momentum… Continue reading NHS Startup Part XI – Cultivating Criticism