Incidental Finding

I've always thought the term "incidental finding" was strange. "Incidental finding" is something doctors say when they look for one thing but then find something completely unrelated to what they were originally looking for.  For example if you have a chest x-ray looking for an infection, but instead we find a large shadow which may be… Continue reading Incidental Finding

NHS Startup Part IX – Bigger Than Me

Putting something out into the world is a very strange experience. My startup is now live in a GP Surgery. What I'm loving about this whole process is how what you create belongs to the world.  It no longer feels like I own anything and that I've created something bigger than just myself.  At this point I am just acting… Continue reading NHS Startup Part IX – Bigger Than Me


I find it really interesting how rules and regulations often stop people from doing important work.  Everyone knows how it often stands in the way of justice, of positive change and innovation. Looking at countries instead of organisations is an interesting thought experiment.  The countries which have the longest democratic history are the countries with… Continue reading Regulations

How To Destroy The NHS In Five Easy Steps!

Mr Hunt makes yet another appearance on my blog! :p So, I could spend my time ranting at/about Mr Hunt.  There are plenty of reasons to do so.  Yesterday he announced that he will be making doctors work for at least four years in the NHS after they graduate.  Obviously, this is a really lame… Continue reading How To Destroy The NHS In Five Easy Steps!

NHS Hacks

What happens when clinicians working in the NHS collide with coders and software developers?  Awesome stuff is what! That's the whole point of NHS Hacks - different fields working together in a "hackathon" to create a working prototype of an idea which could really improve patient care. The hackathon starts off with clinicians pitching an… Continue reading NHS Hacks