Creating Tension

Michael Schrage has written about what great organisations do. And his term for it is: "Who do you want your customers to become?" I think this is similar to asking "what change do you want to make?". Harley Davidson is an amazing brand, worth billions of dollars.  Not because they make the best bikes in… Continue reading Creating Tension

NHS Startup Part XV – “It’s Up To Us Now.”

We launched a new phase of our app for our patients and Primary Care services this week.  The build for this phase was huge and we have been steadily working on it for the previous four months (designing, building, testing, messing up ad nauseum). I think we've really nailed what we intended to do.  As… Continue reading NHS Startup Part XV – “It’s Up To Us Now.”

Al Maestro Cuchillada

In Spanish they say al maestro cuchillada - to the Master goes the knife. It's a fencing term where the student finally is able to cut his Master. We are all students of something or other and it's human instinct to rebel against our superiors or mentors.  This happens particularly when our own intuition and insights start to… Continue reading Al Maestro Cuchillada

Start With Why – Simom Sinek

What's you why? Another great great book that I have to write about!  Simon Sinek's book is so powerful, yet the concept is so simple! What's the common denominator between Tesla motors, Martin Luther King and Apple? Why is it that people queue up outside to put their deposit down for the new Tesla car, when historically… Continue reading Start With Why – Simom Sinek

Don’t Walk

Don't Walk........ Often we interpret things incorrectly. If you see a "don't walk" sign, how do you know that it's telling you to stand still.  Maybe you should be running instead, to avoid danger? Learning to look at things in a different way is a massively useful skill. We all have problems in our life, but learning to look at… Continue reading Don’t Walk

Are We Going Around In Circles?

I was having induction at my new Family Practice a month ago.  This was so I understood how the practice worked before I started seeing my patients on my own. Insanely insightful seeing all these patients go on their journey after being seen by the doctor.  Doctors have to collect data and trial a lot of… Continue reading Are We Going Around In Circles?

Focus On the Negative 

Why is it that when the phone rings we assume the worst? Ring ring. "Hello, Rakeeb, I need to talk to you about a patient you saw yesterday.  Please can you see me after your clinic is over?" The narrative in my mind started immediately.  "I must have done something wrong...I hope they didn't end… Continue reading Focus On the Negative