Start With Why – Simom Sinek


What’s you why?

Another great great book that I have to write about!  Simon Sinek’s book is so powerful, yet the concept is so simple!

What’s the common denominator between Tesla motors, Martin Luther King and Apple?

Why is it that people queue up outside to put their deposit down for the new Tesla car, when historically no one pre-orders a car, or lines up outside a car shop?  How did Martin Luther King galvanise so many people and create a movement that changed the world?  Why do people freak out over new Apple product and not over the latest Android product?

As the book title suggests – it’s because of why!  

Most people talk about how.

Most people talk about what.

Leaders talk about why!

Here’s an example of what a typical computer company would say to gain your interest:

“We make great computers (the how), they’re beautifully designed and user-friendly (the what).  Want to buy one?”

A good computer company (Simon Sinek often talks about Apple) would say something more like this:

“Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo, we believe in thinking differently (the why).  The way we challenge the status quo is by ensuring our products are beautifully designed, simple to use and user-friendly (the what).  We just happen to make computers (the how).”

Totally different feel and message in the last example!

Notice how people that change the world speak exactly in the opposite way (the why -> the what -> the how) to people who have no impact on us (the how -> the what -> the why).

Now it sounds really simple, but have a think about how powerful this simple concept is.  I recently had to pitch my business idea to a bunch of people and I literally had a few of them in tears because I spoke about why I’m doing what I’m doing!  I’m just creating a piece of software and I had people on the edge of their seats!  Most people who pitch their business ideas or talk about themselves, talk about what and how they do things, but very rarely about why.

This is the difference between a leader vs a follower.  The trend setter vs the race to the bottom.

What’s your why?


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