Comfort, Hormesis & Toxicity


Comfort is being a zombie.  This is most people unfortunately.  Woken up by an alarm, hitting snooze too many times, waking up late, downing some coffee, getting stuck in traffic, doing a job they hate, coming home eat garbage and watch junk on TV, then going to sleep and on and on it goes.


Some people are born into a horrible situation.  Poor nutrition from birth, not looked after by their parents or society.  Lack of encouragement for education, not striving to be better.  Lack of belief in ones self.


Not enough people know this word.  Not enough people practice this word.  The people who do practice this approach to life are the group of people who embrace life and make it as good as it possibly can be.

Hormesis refers to the fact that a certain level of stress is good for you and makes you a better, stronger human being.

Think of the comfort zone.  The people in this zone do not like to exercise or eat right.  As a result their muscles and also their mind atrophy.

Compare this to the person who hits the gym (not too hard, as this would be cross the line into toxicity).  It’s uncomfortable, it’s painful sometimes – especially leg day….Oh God I hate leg day…. but it makes you stonger, faster, better, hypertrophy.

What would happen if more people applied this philosophy to every aspect of their life.  What would their love life, professional life, creative life, intellectual life be like?


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