Doctor Informed

“Hi, this is the biochemist.  A midwife took a blood test from a new born baby earlier today and I know it’s 3am and that I have no idea how to interpret the results, but I’ve told you now, so you can sort it out.”

………Looks on the blood results server “Dr Chowdhury informed of results 3AM”.

“Oh Hi-ya!  I’m the nurse up on ward 30.  I’ve given a patient tomorrow’s oral dose of antibiotics by accident… they’ve had their IV dose today as well as their dose for tomorrow….is that ok?  No?   Well what are you going to do about it?”

………Reads nursing notes.  On call doctor informed of drug error.

“No I can’t wait for three minutes until this patient finishes his breakfast.  You’ll just have to take the blood test yourself later.” – Every phlebotomist in the country ever.

“No I won’t be able to fax this referral for you, because I’m too busy to do anything you ever ask me for”

“I’m on my break….so…no”

“Sorry, I have to work in order of my list.  I can’t do that urgent ECG on the patient with chest pain next, because of the list!  You’ll just have to do it yourself.”

“Please can you come and see this patient in the nursing home.  He had a little tumble and is fine, but we want a medical assessment.”


Yep you might be able to tell that I’ve just finished another weekend on call at the hospital.

The amount of responsibility that gets placed on doctors nowadays can be very overwhelming a lot of the time.  I don’t think any doctor minds the responsibility, but it really gets to me when people do not use their own common sense and professional skills to assess a patient and really consider whether a doctor really needs to get involved.

It could be one of the many reasons so many doctors are disillusioned by their career – all the bureaucracy, paper work and box ticking can really take its toll over time.


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