This Blog Post Was Written At 2.45AM

When I was at University I found that I studied best in the middle of the night.  I used to keep reading until my vision went blurry as a result of the small muscles in my eyes getting fatigued and slowly giving up.

Prior to medical school, the only other thing I dedicated my soul to was playing the guitar.  It was my first love.  Even then I noticed that I used to make the most progress in my abilities late at night.

Tonight reminded me of my younger days.  I’ve been up tying up some loose ends, sending some invoices for my startup and updating our upcoming workflow.  I think I’ve realised why I and so many others prefer to stay up late to do work.

It’s because there are no interruptions.

No phone calls.

No e-mails.

No one knocking on my door to distract me from what I am trying to accomplish.

I’ve realised that my whole day is full of interruptions.  Even when I am in clinic seeing patients, there is always someone who calls me while I am with a patient, or there is someone waiting outside of my office door, someone waiting for a patient to leave so that they can pounce on me for another request of some sort…

I think to get important work done, you need alone time to let your mind wander and to allow it to make those connections that can only be made during deep work.


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