Linchpin by Seth Godin


Are you a linchpin?  Or are you listening to you lizard brain and are part of the crowd?

This is an excellent book which I highly recommend – especially for people who are stuck in a rut and not satisfied with their life/career and where it is going.   Not only is it for those people, but it’s a wake up call to everyone who is stuck in the comfort zone.

As a doctor I believe I am in one of the “safest” professions – as in I am not easily replaceable.  If I go off sick then patients may come to serious harm.  When I become a senior physician I will be a named physician for my patients and will often have to accept sole responsibility for their wellbeing.

Why is it then that I have an uneasy feeling about being your run of the mill senior physician and about the future prospects of my career?

It’s because times are changing.  People can no longer expect to go to school, college and University and gain an education that will last them a life time.  I simply can’t believe how the doctors who are near to retirement age right now have managed to get through their whole career without hardly learning anything new.


The fact is that the world is changing at such a rate that people will have to more and more reinvent themselves in very short time frames.  The large companies that used to employ us are all collapsing because there’s a “second industrial revolution” going on right now with the internet and low cost technologies.

People can no longer expect to be employed by a large organisation and get that 401K and gold watch at retirement.  More and more, we will be independent workers, workers in small organisations and if you are not a linchpin  – that is, if you are not causing a ruckus, not trying to strive to be better and offer some real value to the word in your own unique, weird and wonderful way – then you’ll be in trouble.


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