Steer The Ship

I can’t help but feel introspective as of late.

I am in my last post as a junior doctor before finishing my post grad.  There’s only a year left of this course.

During my time in hospital a lot of my seniors have often made passing remarks such as “oh, I thought you were a medical trainee”, or “it’s such a shame you don’t want to stay in hospital medicine”.

I took these as compliments really, that they wanted to recruit me to their specialty if they could.

I guess I just have a deep seated discomfort about hospital medicine.  I just don’t enjoy the culture in the hospital and I don’t fit in with hospital doctors.  They seem…..different to me, for lack of a better word.

It really makes you think though.  When I was in high school, by the last couple of years I couldn’t wait to get out of there, then the same thing happened while I was in medical school.  Now I feel the same way about my post grad.  I just can’t wait for it to be over so that I can move on.

I guess the realisation I have made is that we are constantly steering our ship to something or somewhere we can be more at one with ourselves.  Every time I’ve finished something (whether that be school or uni or whatever) I feel that I am getting that bit closer to where I need to be.

I feel that once I get my post grad I can then move on to something that I will enjoy even more (starting my first business).

It’s funny how when I generally meet people they seem to not really be “steering their ship”.  They seem a little lost and often have no direction.  If they aren’t steering that ship then they can’t move towards something that they will really love.


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