NHS Startup Part V – Gateway

So, a lot seems to have happened in the last week or so.

I am continually astonished how doors seem to keep opening if you come from a place of genuinely trying to help others.

As many of you know, I’ve been trying to get my hands on APIs which would allow my software to interact with the commonly used systems already widely used throughout th NHS.  Not getting my hands on these things would make it massively likely that my idea would be dead in the water.  It wouldn’t make it impossible, but it would make it A LOT harder.

Lucky for me the Internet exists!

To cut a long story short, somehow I managed to end up being introduced to Dr David Stables!  He’s the founder of Emis Web, which is the most widely used IT system in primary care in the NHS!

I have to say that Dr Stables was suuuuper cool to speak to!  I can’t believe how he gave me so much of his time in helping me.  It was really interesting speaking to someone who has been so involved in the NHS software scene for so long.

In Part III of this series I mentioned how only a handful of companies had managed to get their software approved for full roll out.  Dr Stables has kindly introduced me to one of these companies so that I might be able to “piggy back” off of this company and implement my idea!

I’ve already spoken with this company and things may hopefully be moving forward now!

Exciting times!


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