Maybe She’s Born With It?

It’s interesting how many people limit their own capabilities due to their own self beliefs.  The majority of people believe they’re born a certain way and there’s nothing that they can do about it.

Most of the things people believe are inherent characteristics from birth are actually just skills that they can work on.

Here’s a list of stuff that people generally think are inherent characteristics that they can’t improve upon:

  • Being fat
  • Not being funny
  • Being bad at attracting the opposite sex
  • Being a bad leader
  • Being academically poor
  • Being a poor public speaker
  • Being shy
  • Being socially awkward

Here’s a thought: If there is a single human being in the world that has managed to get better at anything then by definition that thing is not an inherent talent, but a skill.   

The fact is that most things in life worth improving are skills that we can learn if we worked at it.

The reason most people don’t accept this notion is because the reality of looking at yourself in the mirror and understanding that you have full control over the state of your life is too difficult to bear for most.

Maybe she’s born with it?  Maybe it’s Maybelline?  It’s neither:  It’s working at it.


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