Whose Rooting For You?

I think that this is something people really underestimate:  There are tons of people out there who are rooting for you to win!

I’ve had so many meetings about my startup with a lot of influential people in the past few months.  I know what a lot of them are thinking: “Who the hell is this guy that just won’t stop calling me to talk about this random startup he’s got?!”.

The surprising thing is how a lot of these people are actually willing to listen to you and then as a result, do business with you.  They can see that you’ve put your heart and soul into something and have the balls to put yourself on the line.  They know you’re the underdog and want you to succeed.  If they can be a part of that success then even better!

Too many people get a “no” from some random person and then decide the world is against them and life isn’t fair.  Well, it is fair and it’s likely others have succeeded where you are quitting.  Find the people who will root for you so you can win too!




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