Meta Problems

Entrepreneurs solve problems the thinking goes.

What’s not often talked about though is that solving a big problem often entails having to fix a bunch of smaller “meta problems”.

If you ask people what Uber does, most would say it’s an app to order a taxi.  Sure it is, but Uber also solves a bunch of meta problems which is the real reason we use it.

When you use Uber, the app tells you how long you will have to wait for your taxi.  You no longer have to call up a taxi operator only to be told; “It’ll be there in 5 minutes.”.

When you use Uber you know that the driver isn’t ripping you off by taking a longer route.

When you use Uber you no longer have to worry about carrying the right amount of cash.

This is why it’s so hard to build something truly elegant and great.

To create something which is “simple” and “just works”…

…you have to solve a load of complexities and then hide them from your customers.  


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