Be 3% Better

A few milliseconds is what sets a winner apart from a loser in a race.


All that training comes down to a fraction of a second

When you look at a linear graph, are you looking at a straight line, or are you looking at an exponential curve really close up?


Is the red line really linear and not exponential?

Humans have 97% of the same DNA as apes.  Yet this 3% difference has allowed humans to create science and send rockets to the moon.


We’re not that different from the apes

Humans are bad at numbers.  We need math and the scientific method to help us make sense of the world because so much of it is counter intuitive.

In startups we’re often told that to beat the competition, or to “disrupt” an industry you need to be “10x better” or an “order of magnitude better”.

This is a myth.

You can’t really measure ideas or businesses in these terms.

To win, you just need to be a little better or a bit different from your competitors.


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