When To Quit (I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self This…)

Anything worth doing requires hard work.  You know this.

So why is it that people tend to throw in the towel when things just start to get tough?  You knew it was going to be hard, because the work you’re doing is important and needed.

There’s a much better time to decide to quit something:

The time to decide to quit something is before it gets hard.  NOT when things are already hard…

If you are thinking of starting a business, going to university or learning a new skill then it’s worth sitting down and asking yourself a few questions before you even start;

“What would make me quit?  I know I will have to do X, Y and Z.  But perhaps if A, B or C happens, then I’ll rethink things and consider quitting.”

For example, starting a business requires you to create a product or service from scratch. This is just the beginning of things.  It entails its own sacrifices, hard work and obstacles.

After you’ve created something you may need to do marketing, do sales, hire people, manage finances, lead a team etc etc.

If you knew that starting a business requires all of this, then what kind of person would throw in the towel just because one of these things is hard?  You signed up for this!

If you’re going to do something, then decide at the outset what you’re going to do, how far you’ll take it and when you will quit.  Quitting is not for losers.  Quitting correctly in the right way takes planning, skill and intelligence.

Quitting just because something is not going your way or is hard, even though you knew this would happen is not being smart:

It’s being reactive.  

And being reactive is nearly always wrong.

So learn how to quit properly.


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