Yak Shaving

Yak shaving is something coders and programmers talk about a lot.  The term was originally in reference to a Ren & Stimpy episode, but became widely used in MIT, took on its own meaning and then spread from there on.

It refers to how we are often massively distracted by life’s mundane tasks even when we are trying to accomplish something important.

Say for example, that you wanted to do your laundry, but then you realise you’ve ran out of washing powder, so then you have to drive to the supermarket, but you realise that you’re running out of petrol, so you have to go to the petrol station first, but because you’re heading towards that side of town now you better pick up that yak wool sweater you promised to get your girlfriend, only to find that they’ve ran out ….before you know it, it’s 3 am and you’re in a zoo shaving a yak so you can make her that sweater!


Well, there’s something I didn’t ever expect to see on my blog…..a yak shaving…..

We are continually distracted in our daily lives.  The important work that we’re trying to do always ends up having a hundred small meaningless tasks preceding it.  It can be easy to lose sight of the goal, but it’s more important than ever to stay focused at these times, otherwise you too may end up in a zoo somewhere in the middle of the night shaving a yak.

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